5 march 2011 was the epic day in Polin’s life…..The morning of the day was nothing unusual except Him! Who would arrive at her home in a stormy environment at 3 a.m. in the morning without some of her own kind! And who except Polin would open the door hearing just a door bell at 3 a.m. in the morning not even thinking anything !!!!“WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?”She asked seeing the strange boy wearing a strange hat and too much drenched coat which was too long for him.

“Hi! It’s Aram” he said giving the most strange and disgusting smirk she could ever imagine! “WHAT KIND OF NAME IS Aram?” she sked him in the most amazed expression.


Well, what could be more  strange! 3 a.m. in the morning! Flashes of light and heavy storm all around! And here Polin was! Opening the door for a strange boy wearing strange clothes saying hi to her and she was only surprised by hearing his name! Yeah right! HIS NAME!


“WELL, that’s the kind of name that matches your partner” he said showing his big white teeth!


“Wait, who is my partner?”Again an unexpected  question by Polin which  is TOTALLY   not expected to  be asked  in such  situation when her parents were upstairs ,may be sleeping.

“Whoever hold the name” Again showing his big white braced teeth he gave her an unexpected answer to her unexpected question.


They looked at each other for a moment! He looked at her with that same big smirk and she looked at him with that too much confused eyes, mouth open and breath stopped!


“Lady you need to breath” he said

“What, what breathe? …..oh yeah I got it “And she breathed again ….. and  she asked  what she should have asked  long ago. ”What do you want?” she asked him a sophisticated voice.


“Lady I’ve come a long way to meet you, don’t you think you should call me inside”? He asked him, smoldering.

“I don’t remember we had an appoimtment”she said copying her best friend’s voice remembering how she ignored the boys on the road when they asked her besty for date. But what polin was fully unaware of, was that, it was 3 a.m. in the morning and she wasn’t supposed to be talking to a complete weird stranger at that time.


“Lady, we have had an appointment when we wren’t even born “he said in a tone that she almost believed it.

“Huh, what the hell are talking about?”


“SEE, I’m from   Masasakattu and I am like you, I mean I’m of your own function, and our frequency matches in a very unique way, so I thought,,,,,,,,,”  he started to explain when suddenly she interrupted him,   “Wait, wait wait!  What Masasakattu, what frequency, what function! I’m human ,not a function!!!”




“I THINK YOU LOST YOUR MIND!” her tone didn’t scare him which she expected.


“Well,  mind is also a function” he said in a way like it was nothing crazy and like it was a very good time to discuss such a thing at such a time.  And Of course he showed his teeth.


“Look, what do  you want?! I’m not in a mood to hear such idiotic talks of yours right now!  My parents will have a heart attack if they see me here  like this”!


Well for the second time in that morning she said something that made sense.


“Do you know ,you human have this big problem mingling heart and mind, when they are totally two different thing…..?Even your scientists are too stupid to understand this simple thing…..”


Yes it was three in the morning ,,, Yes there was heavy storm all around ,,,,yes she was talking to a complete stranger at her door…. BUT HE  was directly calling human stupid when he looked like one,  Of course Polin would protest!

“Hey , what are talking about, mind , heart! Huh! I know what you are! You are an  idiot drunkard who just believe too much in crazy stupid Indian movies”

“You are a student of mathematics, right? Such a shame, even you couldn’t realize this!” He told her with such a confident that made her more rebellious.


“HEY HEY HOW DARE YOU INSULT ME WHEN YOU ARE STANDING AT MY DOOR? And how dare you give me lecture about heart, mind and even about my study?”

“look, I’m just informing you! I don’t want that someone stay uninformed about such thing which is a top topic in my place”

And that did it! Polin’s love for information made her forget about time and place again!

“What information?, Let’s hear it!” she challenged him!

“you said something about mind and heart, or if I say more specifically ,you were saying something about  brain and human feeling, do you know that the activity  of brain and human feeling isn’t actually same!?” he said those words to her in a way that she was mazmerized.but soon she came to the topic….

“what do you mean? EXPLAIN!”

“you see, the activities of human brain can be compared to one to one function, but the way human feelings work is actually comparable to many to one function,,,,,,,,,YOU KNOW ABOUT FUNCTION, DON’T YOU?”  He asked her watching her very closely and noticing her open mouth and confused eyes.

Well, again she forgot the time, place and was too absorbed in his information, and whatever it was: her stupidity, or eagerness for information she again did what she wasn’t supposed to do,


“Can you prove it?”


“NOW?” Well, he asked her  the right thing for the first time that morning!

“yeah, well,  if you can prove it, I will let you come inside, if that’s what you want”

That was what he was waiting for…..

“well, Okay!

see, let  y=brain=f(x)

If input x=light

Y= to watch

If, x= hunger

The, y=flow of a certain hormone

Here, for one input of x, we can find only one output from y, which is the property of one to one function, right? “he explained


“yeah , so?”


“now, let, human feeling  or heart=y=f(x)

If, x=input= to get scared


Y=output=trembling, sweating, fainting and so on!


You see, for one input of x you can find many output for which is the property of many to one function, right?


And here I proved the activity of brain and heart or human feeling is not equal! ????  ???? ???? “Showing his big braced teeth he smoldered at her |!


“SO, I PROVED IT, Now let me in, it’s cold outside, and I promise I’m not gonna harm you and I’m gonna give you a lots of information you must know about yourself!”

Polin was amazed! She was convinced of his proof though she couldn’t actually understand what was happening! First time in that morning, her head started to work, it was 3 in the morning, she was talking to a complete stranger and she made a promise to him God knows thinking what! And now  she couldn’t break her promise! And being an information lover she did the most stupid idiotic thing anyone could ever do! SHE LET HIM IN!

And that’s how their conversation actually started!

(To be continued…..)

Sujana Ami polin
Author: Sujana Ami polin

I'm first year honors student in the department of mathematics.

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  1. One of the best articles I have come across in this site so far. Keep up the good work.

    Be Crazy, Be Simple, and never control your heart and soul, because the function associated with it tends to infinity.

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